1. The masterpiece song


  2. Keep runnin for your faith


  3. the spooky Batman

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  4. rollingstone:

    In Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, Sandra Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, a scientist who finds herself in the wrong orbit at the wrong time. After a nearby satellite is blown up by a Russian missile, Bullock and George Clooney – who plays veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski – attempt to salvage their vessel and lives through a series of space walks. Throughout the movie, Bullock wrestles with a wide swath of emotions, and accentuating every scene is composer Steven Price’s excellent score. Each moment is soundtracked with a keen sense of direction, as Bullock’s emotions soar in front of your eyes and ears. We spoke with Price about composing the Gravity score, why he avoided revisiting classic space films and how the Beatles fit into the master plan.

    Amazing scene in outerspace.


  5. Sandra has doing well.,

  6. theconjuringmovie:

    The Conjuring’s chilling soundtrack by Joseph Bishara is now available. Buy it now on iTunes:

    It’s so spooky.

  7. photojojo:

    Japanese photographer “DarwinFish105" just created one of the most innovative time-lapse videos around. He started with a typical time-lapse setup while driving across the city, but in the post-processing, he used a mirror effect to split the video down the middle. You’ve just gotta see it.

    Hyper Drive - A Tokyo Time Lapse to Remember

    via John Nack on Adobe


  8. theartofanimation:

    Khoa Ho

    Good story telling :))

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